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The IRPH or Mortgage Loan Reference Index, is one of the most used interest rates in Spain along with the Euribor. Mortgages referenced to this index have a very high interest rate that is extracted by averaging the interests applied by savings banks and banks. Suspicion of the lack of transparency in its commercialization by the banks hovers over this index. The case was taken to Europe after the Supreme Court did not consider it abusive and now THE CJEU has ruled in favor of those affected. If your mortgage has this mortgage index, we will accompany you throughout the entire process of your claim.
The CJEU, in a ruling dated March 3, recognizes consumers affected by IRPH mortgages the protection that was previously denied by the Spanish Supreme Court, which refused to allow the IRPH index to be subject to transparency control to declare it abusive and void due to lack of information. The Court of Justice of the European Union requires that the variable interest rate clause be understandable to an average consumer. This translates into imposing on the bank the obligation to inform the consumer of the operation of the calculation method, the economic consequences and all those elements necessary for the consumer to know the financial burden to which they are subject. It expressly requires reporting on the historical evolution of the IRPH on which the calculation of the interest rate is based.
The reference index must appear in the mortgage loan deed to calculate the interest rate that you will pay monthly. To find out if you have IRPH and if you can claim it, contact us and our expert lawyers will advise you.
We will have to study case by case. If there is a lack of transparency on the part of the bank, the IRPH will be requested to be replaced by another reference index and the banking entities will have to refund the amounts overpaid due to having this clause. The CJEU establishes that in the event that the parties do not reach an agreement, it will be the national judge who determines that the IRPH declared abusive be replaced by an applicable legal index. The effects of this ruling are not limited in time. That is, all those affected will be able to claim in full the remaining amounts paid. In general terms, for an average mortgage of 180,000 euros to be repaid in 20 years, contracted in 2008 and referenced to IRPH + the differential of 0.25%, a family would have paid 21,265 euros more in these 10 years.
We recommend not signing any document with the bank without having it seen by an expert lawyer. By accepting the proposal of the financial entities, it is likely that you are giving up the possibility of taking legal action, and it may not be the most favorable agreement for you.
Because we take care of everything and we only get paid when you get the money back. If you are one of those affected by mortgages with IRPH and you have been paying this allegedly abusive rate every month, you only need to provide us with your ID and the loan deed of your mortgage so that our specialist lawyers can study your case and calculate the amount of the repayment. that corresponds to you.

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We will present a judicial claim in defense of your rights requesting the annulment of the loan and the return of the amounts that you have paid more.

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